Thursday, March 28, 2013

Witch and Wizard by James Patterson

YOUR BOOKS, MUSIC, AND ART--BANNED BY THE NEW ORDER!Everything is about to change. The government has seized control of every aspect of society, and this is the astonishing testimonial of Wisty and Whit Allgood, a sister and brother who were torn from their family in the middle of the night, slammed into prison, and accused of being a witch and a wizard. Thousands of young people have been kidnapped; some have been accused; many others remain missing. Their fate is unknown, and the worst is feared--for the ruling regime will stop at nothing to suppress life and liberty, music and books, art and magic . . . and the pursuit of being a normal teenager.

I started reading Witch and Wizard mostly because I love James Patterson and his other books (Maximum Ride).  This book took me on a magical thrill ride.  It has heartbreaking romance and mystery.  It is one of my favorite wizard stories.  The main characters are the literally flaming Wisty and her brother Whit who is one of the best guys I have ever had the pleasure of reading about.  The story line switches between the points of view of many characters and can be slightly confusing, so it is important to read the chapter title which tells the point of view.

One of the things I like so much about this book is that Wisty and Whit have no idea they are anything special, so it is very easy to relate to them as readers find out secrets with them.  They seem like normal teenage kids but don't be fooled.
Cover- 5/5!
Plot- 4.5/5

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