Monday, October 22, 2012

Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya

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Good evening fellow readers. I'M BACK!! And in return (and apology) I have brought to your attention Nectar in a Sieve. This is a book that I read through school, but I thought it was so wonderful that I am now bringing it to your attention.

Now, my English teacher, Mrs. Blackburn, is not a good teacher.... at all, but I did enjoy our classes' first novel of the school year. Nectar in a Sieve is about an Indian woman's, named Ruku, life. She was married at a young age in a society in India where women were treated only a little better than property. Ruku's life is beautiful, but complex in harsh. Whenever something good happens, something bad follows. However, this story isn't about the bad things that happened to Ruku and her family, but it's about how Ruku never gives up hope for better times. Her philosophy is inspiring and worth reading.

Now, this isn't your romantic, boy crazy, teenage YA book, but that's the point. Sure those types if books are nice at times, but this is a book I received through school so it's not filled with fluffy whip creamed events. This type of society really existed in the 1940's and probably still today, and for once it's wonderful to get a glimpse in another culture.

Also, this book focuses on changing times. During the time period of this book, India had just reached freedom from the British. Argo, there are a lot of white people in an Indian culture, and with them, they bring change. This small village at the beginning of the book turns into a good town and the change is so relevant and true. It's nice to have something relatable in solid print.

In the end, readers, this book is different but worth it. It is what a fast read with a powerful subject. Not at all a burden to read, but maybe a burden to take to heart.

Cover: 3/5 stars
Plot: 4/5 stars
-Love, Katie

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