Friday, July 13, 2012

Beauty by Lisa Daily

Publisher: Razorbill
Release Date: May 10th, 2012
Pages: 272 (Paperback)

Ever imagine what it would be like to be the most beautiful person in town?

Molly has never been the most gorgeous girl. To her grief, no one really notices her, and if they do they don't give her a second glance. One day when the carnival's in town, she learns to be careful of what she wishes for. After being completely humiliated, she runs off and bumps into an artist named Dharma. Then overnight, she becomes the most unparalleled beauty anyone has ever seen. Now she's got it all: her crush, popularity, a lot of friends, and a lot more. But is the price for all this too high? And will she be able to set it right?

I know what most of you are thinking when you read the summary: seen it, heard it, tired of it. I thought the exact same thing. A lot of the elements of this book are incredibly hackneyed. But the truth? I really enjoyed it! Beauty was just the fluffy contemporary novel I was looking for! It was a fun, light, and fast read.

What's realistic fiction about a quirky best friend? Who would Nora be without Vee? Karou without Zuzana? For Beauty, it was Kemper! She's loyal and is always campaigning about one thing or another. Kemper was probably my favorite character in the book. Molly wouldn't be who she is without her.

Like a lot of you probably assumed, this book at first seems lackluster. What you get from not even reading the book: (warning, this may be spoilery... but most of you have figured it out) girl is ugly or unpopular. Girl magically turns pretty. Girl turns snobby and turns her back on her friends. Girl realizes how great she was without the looks. Girl turns back normal and hooks up with her dream guy. Well, that's exactly what happened.

Now, an analysis as to why I liked this book as much as I did. I hate to stick labels on books, but I did for this one. I was unsure getting into it, and it was really predictable. What I liked was the timeless moral: you're pretty on the inside and whatnot. This book was just cute and was a pleasant escape. A fair warning though, some of you may not get much out of it.

Molly, Molly, Molly. What can I say about you? At first, I felt really bad. I get it, you had a really hard time. But what I didn't get is why you had to turn on your friends and become such a snob! You knew how it was to be on the flip side, so you should have known how miserable it makes people feel. Her take in the book was so incredibly predictable!

You should pick up Beauty if you need a light summer read. It's just the amount of fluff you need!

Cover: 4/5 Stars
Plot: 3.5/5 Stars

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