Friday, June 29, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday (On a Friday!): Sever by Lauren DeStefano

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine. It highlights posts that we're eagerly anticipating! This week, in midst of the cover reveal, I chose to talk about Sever by Lauren DeStefano! As some of you know, Sever is the conclusion to her hit series The Chemical Garden Trilogy. When I first started off with the series, I wasn't too into it. But by the end of the second book, Fever, it had reeled me in! Now without further ado, I'll tell you a bit about the series. Warning: there are spoilers for the first two books!

Sever (The Chemical Garden, #3)
What if all humans were ticking time bombs? In Lauren DeStefano's dystopian world, males only live until the age of 25, and females until 20. Rhine lived with her brother, Rowan, until she was kidnapped by "Gatherers" and sold to a vile man (Vaughn) who forced her into a polygamous marriage to his son, Linden. She knew she had to escape, and she does, with the help of her sister bride Cecily and her lover, Gabriel. They aren't out long until they are re-captured. It isn't long before the find out Vaughn has been tracking them, so the pull another Houdini and reclaim their hopes of finally finding Rowan. When they reach her home, she has found it do be destroyed, and her brother nowhere in sight. They stay with one of the many orphanages in the city, until some sickness came to claim her- far too early. Turns out it was all Vaughn's doing, and he threatens to kill people she loves if he doesn't come back with her. He takes her back to the cage she was originally trapped in. Vaughn is desperate to find a cure, and so he experiments on people.... dead or alive. Will Rhine ever see Gabriel or her brother again? How could she possibly escape this time?


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