Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How To Save A Life by Sara Zarr

Jill MacSweeny just wishes everything could go back to normal. But ever since her dad died, she's been isolating herself from her boyfriend, her best friends--everyone who wants to support her. And when her mom decides to adopt a baby, it feels like she's somehow trying to replace a lost family member with a new one.

Mandy Kalinowski understands what it's like to grow up unwanted--to be raised by a mother who never intended to have a child. So when Mandy becomes pregnant, one thing she's sure of is that she wants a better life for her baby. It's harder to be sure of herself. Will she ever find someone to care for her, too?

As their worlds change around them, Jill and Mandy must learn to both let go and hold on, and that nothing is as easy--or as difficult--as it seems.

I started this book and all I thought was "Dang! These girls have issues!" Then it dawned on me. That's the point. This story is all about how when other people's problems combine, they can form a solution. Jill and Mandy have to adjust to each other and to share each others pain. You really get to know these girls and you want to help them and give them compassion. They really don't know who they are and what they want, so readers really reach out there hands to them. It's so inspiring and warm. After I finished it, I had the urge to adopt homeless kittens or go feed the homeless. I guess that's good... 

I have to say, the climax of this story had me wanting to leap through the pages and hug everyone!!! The book was perfectly proportioned with humor, pain, and passion, but not enough to make you want to throw up butterflies. So, plenty of props to the author for being so great at what she does.   Plot: 4.25/5 stars   Cover: 2.5/5 stars    -Katie

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