Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shades of Earth by Beth Revis

Shades of Earth (Across the Universe, #3)
Publisher: Razorbill
Pages: 369
Date released: January 15th, 2013
Cover: 5/5 Stars
Plot: 4/5 Stars

Spoiler alert: this is the third book in the Across the Universe series, and trust me when I say there are so many surprises you may not exactly enjoy having them ruined.

When we last left Amy and Elder, they were almost home, away from the walls of Godspeed. They were aware of the dangers when heading toward Centuri-Earth, the monsters that reside there. What they didn't expect is how powerful these "monsters" really are, and how fast their own people began to die. In this new planet full of alien things and secrets and lies waiting to be unearthed, they must fight to save their own colony. 

The reason why I love the Across the Universe series is no mystery. It's exciting, suspenseful, and full of complex characters. Shades of Earth is a good finale for this series, but I have to admit it didn't really live up to its predecessors. I expected a bit more, seeing that the author got to That's not to say it was a bad book, it was awesome and the ending was insane! It just didn't hook me like the other ones.

First of all: I'm feeling pretty sorry to say goodbye to Amy and Elder. They're reliable narrators with realistic flaws. I was rooting for them since the beginning until the very last page. They're not in your face characters or anything, but I just love their narration and personalities.

The thing that excited me most about starting this book was the alien world. Here's the thing: the author had all the power to create anything and everything she wanted. From purple powers that can knock a person out to the monsters that reside there.

While I felt like most of the book didn't capture me, the ending sure did. Let me just say that something very big thing happens. It had me rushing through the ending, and my growing concern was not assuaged by the fact that deep in my gut that everything will be alright in the end, it had to be! When I reached the last few pages, my hope began dwindling but Beth Revis pulled through in the end. (If she hadn't, let me tell you, there would be a lot of angry and upset readers out there.)

I must say that the conclusion of the book felt good. By that I mean that I was satisfied with the ending for once and I liked how everything turned out in the end. I think final books in a series should always have the kind of conclusion that settles the whole series, and Beth Revis hit the mark.



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