Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blog Tour: The Holders by Julianna Scott!

Hello there, readers! Today I'm excited to tell you that Everlasting Enchantments is part of the blog tour for The Holders! Without further ado, here is an excerpt from the novel that will hopefully catch your interest!

The Holders, by Julianna Scott - March 20123
Publisher: Strange Chemistry

Pages: 320
Release date: March 5th, 2013

I looked at him in awe. He truly was the most amazing person I’d ever met. To have gone through something so horrible at so young an age. I knew all too well how scared and lost he must have been – I’d seen it in Ryland’s eyes countless times before. But Ryland had had me; for Alex there’d been no one. Before I even realized what I was doing, I leaned forward, wrapped my arms around his neck, and hugged him.

“I’m sorry,” I said softly, my cheek resting against the warmth of his neck.

He stiffened, and for an embarrassing moment I thought he was going to push me away. However, after what felt like two years – though couldn’t have been more than two seconds – I felt his arms slide around my waist and his head sink into my shoulder. I breathed in the scent coming off of his hair, which was sweet and musky with the tiniest bit of cologne, too light to have been purposefully applied, and was more likely left from soap. The headiness of it was invigorating, making my skin tingle and my pulse begin to pound.

I pulled back – though probably not a far as I should have – and looked up at him. “I’m sorry for earlier,” I said, feeling like a total ass for whining about Jocelyn to someone who’d had it so much worse than I ever had.

Immediately his eyebrows furrowed. “Don’t,” he said, shaking his head. Then, without seeming conscious of the action, his hand came up and slowly brushed the stray hairs away from my face, softly grazing my cheek. My heart lurched and sputtered, and I prayed he couldn’t feel my hands shake against his shoulders. Holding my eyes with a look that made my stomach tight, he continued, “Don’t ever apologize for saying how you feel.

 JULIANNA SCOTT was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and spent the majority of her educational career convinced she would be a musician. However, after receiving her music degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, she realized that she'd been born in the wrong era for her dreams of singing jazz to adoring fans clad in zoot-suits and flapper dresses to come true, and began to wonder if her true calling might be elsewhere.

While Julianna had always excelled in writing throughout school, she'd never considered it a career possibility until about three years ago, when she'd gotten her first story idea and decided to go for it. She grabbed her laptop, started typing away, and has never looked back.

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