Monday, November 5, 2012

Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins

Spell Bound (Hex Hall, #3)Publisher: Hyperion
Release: March 13th, 2012
Pages: 336
Cover: 2/5 Stars (Never once in the whole series has there been a black cat in any of the books. WHAT.)
Plot: 4/5 Stars

*Spoiler alert: this book is the third in the Hex Hall series, and may contain spoilers to the earlier ones. (You can read my review of those under the archive.)

Last we saw of Sophie, she was escaping the burning Thorne Abbey and hurling herself into the Itineris... to find one of the Prodigium's sworn enemies... the Brannicks. But the problem is far from over- she's left her fiance Cal to find the love of her life, Archer, and her now magic-less father. Things can't get any worse now... can they? Now Sophie- with the help of her friends- must stop Lara and her demon army... because she's their only hope.

What can I say about Rachel Hawkin's Hex Hall series? I hated it? Nah. It changed my life? Not necessarily. But I will say that I won't put it down even to watch Downton AbbeySpell Bound doesn't disappoint! Even though it's the most intense one in the series, Rachel Hawkins's writing always manages to stay light and the characters never lose themselves.

My favorite element of the Hex Hall books have to be the humor and wit. I freely admit that a lot of it is really lame, but it doesn't stop the grin that appears on my face. The quips and snarky retorts always manage to add more levity to the book, no matter the situation. It's quite something to almost laugh while the heroine is in a demon pit... Wowza.

If you've read my other two reviews, you'll notice how much I love Sophie. And I do, really. But what I just noticed is that there isn't much room in the books to develop her character much. She's far from a Mary Sue, but it seemed to me that she never had much character development. She's great, loyal, and brave and all, but I usually like to see my heroines- especially in series- to grow as a person.

Alright, since it seems all I can talk about is the series in general, let me hit some main points with this book.  I didn't like how throughout the whole book they talk about action and something big happening. When truly, you don't hit the climax until the end. Also, I understand where all this "relationship drama" comes in, but I for one could do without it.

In the end, the Hex Hall books were fun and witty fast reads, ones that I'm sure to pick up again and again in the future. Rachel Hawkins, you have a fan for LIFE!


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