Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bring Your Pet Back to Life! All the Kids Are Doing It!

The Gist
Victor is a boy who has a really close relationship with his dog. As predicted by a "psychic" cat, Sparky (aforementioned dog), passes away. When Victor brings his best friend back to life, he starts a frenzy that will ravish the town like no other. Introducing... Frankenweenie!

The Positive
Tim Burton!: The man behind brilliant classics such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, and Edward Scissorhands! If Tim Burton directs it, I go see it.

The kids: Tim Burton stated in an interview that all the kids in town are supposed to be weird! And boy, were they. Most kids, of course, spend their nights bringing dead animals back to life. To win the science fair. Truth is, we all think we're weird! Naturally, I connected with them!

MAD SCIENCE!: I really loved what they did with it! Yes, I am a science nerd.

One For the Classics: I suppose most people don't like that it's in black and white, but I sure did. It suited the story really well!

The Monsters: The whole scene where all the pets came back to life/were mutated was awesome! Half the time I didn't know whether to laugh or be disturbed! So, yeah.

Weird Girl and Mr. Whiskers: Weird Girl, which I think is pretty much all they call her, has a psychic cat. I LOVED THEM. They were so strange! I can confidently say I've never experienced such characters...

Mr. Rzykruski: "Lightning is simply electricity  The cloud is angry, yes, making some. All the electrons are saying 'I am leaving you. I go to the land of opportunity.' The ground says 'yes, we need electrons trained in science, just like you. Come, come, welcome!' So both sides start to build the ladder. This man, he comes out to look at the storm. He does not see the invisible ladders. When the two ladders meet, BOOM! The circuit is complete and all of the electrons rush to the land of opportunity. This man is in the way. Ahhhhhhh!" 'Nuff said.

Victor and Sparky: When it all the craziness boils down, this book was just a story about a boy and his love of his dog.

The Negative
Besides my mind wandering a few times while watching it, I can't think of anything I hated about this movie. Maybe I'm out of brain juice.

I don't know about you guys, but this movie sure makes me want to check out Frankenstein.

P.S. In Case Disney is Casually Reading This Review
I have some ideas for tie-in novels! 'Cause I'm very professional and stuff.
  • What to Do When Your Child Brings His Pet Back to Life
  • Help! My Psychic Cat is a Mutant Bat!
  • Tips on Normal Conversation For Strange Science Teachers
  • Mastering an Epic Accent
  • Fun With Electricity
  • Interpreting Psychic Cat Dreams 101 

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