Friday, June 8, 2012

Cover Crazy: Timeless/ Timekeeper by Alexandra Monir

      Okay Ladies and maybe gentlemen, Palak and I have thought about doing a new post involving our love for the art of book covers. Face it, the first thing that makes you want to read a book is the cover, and some books just have too beautiful of covers to just ignore. That is why we want to test this out.
       I have chosen today to do Timeless and Timekeeper by Alexandra Monir. Now, Timeless has to be one of my all time favorites out there; it's an absolutely astounding book! It's all about this girl who is able to time travel and falls in love with a boy a hundred years in the past. Absolutely great and so well written (I haven't done a review because I'd prefer to keep my absolute favorite books private until we acquire more readers).  The designer for the cover is unknown to me at the moment, but I will be sure to look into that.
       What I love about these covers is that it is simple but beautiful. The spacey haze around the edges of the covers really incorporate the time traveling theme of the story. The first book is just a simple picture of the main character, Michele, but the makeup of the model has the same haunting beauty of Michele. I love how her face is paled and haunted like the actual character would be in the story. She also has a skeleton key around her neck that, in the story, helps her time travel. Also, on the back cover of the first book, there is a picture of the love interest, Phillip, with his back to the camera, facing an over-larged moon. Gorgeous!
        The second book doesn't come out until December 26th, but it seems to depict the same spacey haze with Michele and Phillip together. This only makes the anticipation more intense because I want to read it so incredibly badly!
        Both of these books contain two wonderful covers that are truly Timeless.  -Katie

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  1. I haven't read any of these books but the sound amazing. I've heard lots of good things about them. And I agree, they both have wonderful covers. :)

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    Daniela @ YA Book Seasons

  2. They come highly recommended by me, haha. Thanks for your comment!! -Katie