Friday, June 1, 2012

Cloaked by Alex Flinn

Reviewed by: Palak
Publisher: HarperCollins
Date published: February 8th, 2011
Pages: 341 (Hardcover)
Cover: 4/5 Stars
Plot: 4.5/5 Stars

    Johnny was a humble shoemaker with a not-so-glamorous life. Things were probably going to stay that way forever for him. That is, until Princess Victoriana visits South Beach, and she needs his help.The princess recruits Johnny to find her brother-turned-frog and tempts him with a clear path out of his mundane life. 

    Armed with headphones that can understand animals that were once human and a cloak that travels anywhere, he sets off on the craziest journey of his life. With some help from his best friend Meg, he battles giants, witches, and other fiends; does business with foxes; and of course, almost gets killed a couple of times.

Being the huge fan I am of fairy tales, Alex Flinn's novels have always held a special place in my heart. And Cloaked didn't fail to deliver! The prose was spunky and unique, and the characters were witty and amiable.

First of all, I feel as if I have an incredible dedication to dote on the hero! Johnny has the complete boy next door quality, fully equipped a kind heart and a good sense of humor. As the review mentioned before, he is a shoemaker. This not only gives him a unique quality over other heroes, but also enabled him to make countless shoe references and jokes! All in good spirit, the man knows his shoes.

And of course, what is an adorable, bubbly book without its adorably, bubbly romance? The romance in Cloaked is the kind that make you smile and leave a warm feeling inside. Not to be mistaken with the feeling of vomiting up the adorable overdose. More like the type of book that makes you feel that there is more out there in the world, above all the shallowness of everyday.

Cloaked was written with its foundations on some the classic Grimm's fairy tales. But what some people aren't aware of is the fact that the title sums up the fairy tales perfectly: a bit grim. Alex Flinn took a few stories and incorporated them into her novel, but gave them a brighter turn. I loved noticing the references throughout the book!  The fantasy elements gave the story a unique spin and made it differ from fantasy these days.

If you are a fan of fairy tales, magic, or Alex Flinn and haven't picked up this book yet, I urge you to do so! Cloaked is a fast, easy, and carefree read that can put a smile of your face!

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