Thursday, February 23, 2012

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Publisher: HarperCollins
Release date: March 2nd, 2010
Pages: 470

Sam Kingston was your average teenage girl. Her worries never went beyond her own little perfect world. She never saw her death coming. Have you ever wished you could have another chance? A way to go back in time for a shot to change something? Well, Sam gets seven. She gets to relive the day of her death seven times, and figure out what went wrong. Can she unravel the events surrounding her death? Will she make it out alive?

    This book was insanely creative and unique. Lauren Oliver takes the term "new day" to a whole new level! At first, my impression was that this book was going to be a mind numbing story about spiteful girls, "complicated" high school relationships, and parties. But I stuck around and this book was actually pretty heartfelt.
    Samantha Kingston at first was your stereotypical shallow teen. I mean, I seriously wondered why Lauren Oliver took the time to create such a conceited character. But it later dawned upon me about how much she changed in a week and about how insightful she became. In retrospect, I can really see this is how people really are. At times, they can be pleasant to be around, and at others you just want to do everything to shut them up. But you just have to accept them, warts and all.
    The idea for this book was fantastic and so well presented. I love how the author conveys how everything you do can cause an impact and that there is always something more. The world is so much bigger than you actually know. I easily recommend this book to any reader, it is worth a shot, at least once. Just a bit of a disclaimer: I don't think this book ist intended for younger readers.
Plot: 4 stars
Cover: 3 stars

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