Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Abandon by Meg Cabot

Pierce Olivera knows what it's like to die. Because of course, she has done it before... when she moves to Isla Huesos she hopes she can leave her past behind and get a fresh start. There is only one problem: her past still wants her. She will soon have to discover with whom her alliances lie, and who her true enemies are.

Abandon is a new take on the Hades- Persephone myth ( FYI: a Greek myth in which Hades, god of the underworld, kidnaps his niece, Persephone. He tricks/forces her into becoming his wife.)  The author didn't actually keep all but a few aspects to the story, instead she incorporated some new features and made the story hers.
   I didn't enjoy the narration much. Pierce has a vapid voice. She doesn't improve the story or give it much life. If she were possibly more quirky or even thoughtful, I would have enjoyed the reading experience a bit more.
   The author starts off the book in the present setting. She reveals the back story as the book progresses. I would have preferred if it was more in a spread out manner. I didn't enjoy the pace in which she unraveled the past.
   Another thing I would like the rant about is her relationship with her love interest, John. He is a dark character that always shows up when she needs him most. I don't understand how she fell for him! I mean, she BARELY knew him! And not only that, he might be endangering her life! But I must add, I was taken away by how much he cared for her.
   Despite the story being a bit everywhere and the characters not very well built, I really enjoyed this book. It was one of those average books in which I didn't exactly regret reading it, but it wasn't my favorite. But if you like books dealing with death and the people who defy it, I recommend this! -Palak

Plot: 3 stars
Cover: 2 stars (I like the intricate designs, but am not a huge fan of the background, cover model, and overall look.)

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